A new section: “The Trips”

As you can see on the top of the page, I’ve added a new section: The Trips.

As I’ve explained i that page, there are especially galleries, all from my trips. A kind of “travel notebook“, by images. The idea, for this section, is to have a “Summary” of the whole photo selection from a . . . → Read More: A new section: “The Trips”

London’s users

london, national geographic store

In the third part of the trip, we meet the “users“. Not simple tourists, nor people who only walk around.

But who use what London offer: museums, exhibitions and shops. Every time “captured” in the very moment when they look, chose, admire and… are surprised.

Another BW photos, taken with the “normal” lens, except a . . . → Read More: London’s users

London’s people

london underground

This is the second selection from our little London’s Easter holyday (as introduced in the London’s soul). Organizing the photos, I’ve discovered I had taken only people’s images. It’s very uncommon for me. More often my photos exclude every human being.

But, here… Another people’s images, still londoners. Maybe here I’m able to describe better . . . → Read More: London’s people

London’s souls


During Easter’s holydays, Fra and I went to London for a four-days trip. Both of us had seen it before, but never well enough: I was too young, and she came for too few days.

So, we preferred walk around, instead engrave ourself in museums or tourist places. At the end of jouney, we have . . . → Read More: London’s souls