new gallery? of course!

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Another new entry… …Another of my recurrent subjects.


And… Don’t forget the other galleries!

For now Geometries and Rusts in “The Galleries“ together this new entry, and two “Thematic categories“: Macro and Human beings (with two categories).

And other are coming. Soon. a_

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“Sculpture by the sea” – art in Århus

D700 at 200ISO, 180mm f2.8, f5.6, 1/2000sec, bias 0EV

Every June, or so, Århus’ beach wear an artistic dress, showing some works from around the world. An half-sunny day is a good moment to take some photos… between a shower and another…

I’m not an expert about modern art, and actually I don’t follow modern art at all. So, my photographic’s selection has the . . . → Read More: “Sculpture by the sea” – art in Århus

old watches


Last sunday in Århus’ “Den gamle by” (the old town). Watches’ mechanisms, from 19th century.

D700 at 1600ISO, 50mm f1.4, f2.8, 1/60sec, bias -1 1/3EV

D700 at 1600ISO, 60mm f2.8 Micro, f4, 1/40sec, bias -1EV

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