Öland – The last page of Sweden 2009’s trip

The last days before coming back to Danmark. An unusual landscape, after many days sourrounded by woods, forests and lakes.

A flat island, and almost completely devoid of trees: Öland. Peculiar…. So peculiar that I’ve taken about 150 photos in these two days. And I’ve chosen one third, to show you.

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Sigurd runestone tells a saga


D700 at 200ISO, 16mm f2.8 AF, f5.6, 1/100sec, bias 0EV

“Otter was one of Rodmar’s three sons. When he fished for salmon, he took on the shape of an otter. On one such occasion, the Æsir Loki, Hörnir and Odin happened by on their way to Rodmar’s house where they planned to . . . → Read More: Sigurd runestone tells a saga

Another stage of the Sweden’s journey – The Göta Kanal


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In a trip in southern Sweden, one of the charatheristic sights is the Göta Kanal. Built in the late XIX Century, this 190Km long canal has boon its importance to link the Vättern lake to the Baltic Sea.

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Summer trip 2009 – Sweden


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Let’s start the summer holiday’s trip!

Of course, not in this very moment… but this is the first gallery to describe the trip Francesca and I had last summer. It began in a outstanding night, the day before . . . → Read More: Summer trip 2009 – Sweden

Swedish deers

deers in lille koltorp

Last July, during our summer holidays in Sweden. We were in a strange B&B, called Koltorp, near Mariefred (circa 60 Km west of Stockholm). The owner is a weird man: hunter (both with rifle and bow), and taxidermist.

Some of the B&B rooms are in a cottage quite far from the street, near a little . . . → Read More: Swedish deers