Another day in Århus botanical garden

botanisk væksthusene

Sometimes, I return in the Århus Botanisk Væksthusene for a short photo session (like told in anoter post). It’s relaxing. Nothing special, nothing exceptional… just relaxing.

I’ve chosen these photos to “celebrate” the Micro Nikkor 105mm f2.8 AF, sold few months ago for the longer Sigma 150mm, coupled with the Metz ringflash on my . . . → Read More: Another day in Århus botanical garden

The spider’s lunch – some macro


A cloudy day, last September. The right day for a little macro shooting, near Randers, where I live.

My camera, a couple of macro lenses and the ring flash (Metz 15 MS-1). It’s all I needed to describe some little tragedies.

Or some lunches, it depends which side of the table you are sitting on….

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a macro’s gallery – the mushrooms

After the Butterflies, the Macro Gallery Page has a new entry since now!

macro in Fussingsø


A wonderful first may, in a sunny Danmark. I went to read on a lawn in Fussingsø. I’m very proud of myself, despite che birds, the flowers and the insects around me I’ve studied hard. But near the end… a little thing passed on my book’s page:

I took the photo with my 105mm . . . → Read More: macro in Fussingsø

new gallery!

See the Galleries Page!

There’s a new entry… One of my recurrent subjects, sought everywhere I go.


But… Don’t forget the other galleries!

For now Geometries in “The Galleries“, and two “Thematic categories“: Macro and Human beings.

And other are coming. Soon. a_

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a winter day in Århus botanisk væksthusene


Another winter day. Another cold, cloudy, windy day in Århus. Francesca was closed at home with pneumonia (a christmas gift from Italy), and I spent few hours in Århus’ botanical garden. Better… in the botanical garden’s greenhouse.

I knew that the greenhouses have there own seasonal cycles, and winter isn’t the best period, but in . . . → Read More: a winter day in Århus botanisk væksthusene