People, an indian mosque

jama masjid (XVII)

During our trip in India, we visited mainly muslim sites, despite the high majority of induist who live in the country. Few mosques, actually, (there called masjid, in hindu) more some tombs and mausoleums.

But the mosques are interesting, from the photographer’s point of view, because are aggregation centers, more than mere places of worship. . . . → Read More: People, an indian mosque

Agra – The Yamuna river

agra fort (XVI)

Agra. Probably the most famous indian city, but really few people recognize the name. In Agra lays the Taj Mahal… on the banks of the Yamuna river.

And precisely the river is the subject, here. Half empty, the flow is near still for several months a year, polluted (Agra is downstream from Delhi….), the Yamuna . . . → Read More: Agra – The Yamuna river

People in Jaipur


Indians cities are noisy. Unlike the mediterranean people, indians never yell, nor talk at high volume. They don’t even make noise in other ways (apart from honking, of course), if it isn’t indispensable (working, with hammer or other utensiles, for example). But they’re a lot. And a lot of people necessarly produce a . . . → Read More: People in Jaipur

Indian tourists in Agra

tomb of i'tmad-ud-daulah (XVII) - "baby taj"

In Agra, like in every other indian city, the tourists are mostly indians. Taj Mahal and Baby Taj, for once, are not the subject, in these photos. Just backgrounds.

. . . → Read More: Indian tourists in Agra

Jaipur – Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory

jantar mantar (XVIII)

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We have an Ikea watch, payed few Kroner (less than an Euro), that run a little fast. A whole minute every week, or more. In Jaipur, there’s a watch that marks precisely every second second… since 280 years. It’s called Jantar Mantar, and . . . → Read More: Jaipur – Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory

Jaipur from above (Panorama and some details)


Jaipur. From above. We were at the beginning of the climb to Nahagarh Fort (that we haven’t seen), just above the city. The place was right for a landscape, embracing the whole city, and the weather was perfect. Little humidity and good visibility. I took these four photos, combined in a pano image.

This is . . . → Read More: Jaipur from above (Panorama and some details)

India – Amber Fort

amber fort (XVI)

Like I started telling in THIS POST, one of the most beautiful places we saw in India was Amber Fort.

Maybe, the best part is approaching the site:

And climbing to the main entrance….

Where is possible to appreciate the lake, and the land around, with the old village . . . → Read More: India – Amber Fort