“Venezia – On the Water” – Another book


A new book, that gather the photos taken during few days in Venice. My portrayal of a perception.

Venezia – On the water by andrea landi

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human traces and presences

casa battló

Some times we move around, in a city, supposing to be alone. Often it’s true, but eventually there’re always traces of somebody else. A shadow, a forgotten thing, maybe only a human shape… Or some more concrete, reflected.

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Orvieto – half cloudy


An old panorama, taken five years ago. Orvieto, a beautiful small city in center Italy. Two photos stitched together, taken with an orange filter ahead the lens.

Zoomable panorama – Click to enlarge

Now, I don’t own any more neither the Nikkor AF 105mm f2 DC nor the D2x, but I’ve enjoyed . . . → Read More: Orvieto – half cloudy

a macro’s gallery – the mushrooms

After the Butterflies, the Macro Gallery Page has a new entry since now!

another new gallery

See the Thematic Galleries Page! There’s a new entry… By human being

One of my recurrent subjects, sought everywhere I go.


And… Don’t forget the other galleries…

From “HERE“, and “HERE“.

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a pagan easter


In Italy, you know, there are many people who follow the easter processions. There are many choiche: the normal easter mass, the friday night procession, and sometimes fairs in all the so-called holy week. So-called bacause often it’s just an excuse to make a party… and the religion stays somewhere else.

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new gallery!

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There’s a new entry… One of my recurrent subjects, sought everywhere I go.


But… Don’t forget the other galleries!

For now Geometries in “The Galleries“, and two “Thematic categories“: Macro and Human beings.

And other are coming. Soon. a_

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