Modern art in Schleswig’s museum (Gottorf Schloß)


The day after our walk in Hamburg (see the post about the Speicherstadt), Francesca and I stopped in Schleswig during the trip back home.

We spent large part of that day visiting the Gottorp Schloß, and his “universal museum“. A museum that covers the whole Schleswig’s history since prehistory til modern times, plus a section . . . → Read More: Modern art in Schleswig’s museum (Gottorf Schloß)

Hamburg – the Speicherstadt (frozen)


I’ve a little interest in Industrial archæology, and of course I was fascinated discovering the Speicherstadt (the warehouse district), part of the Port of Hamburg. Built at the end of XIX century as a free zone, the Speicherstadt is the largest timber-pile founded warehouse district of the world.

And in a very cold . . . → Read More: Hamburg – the Speicherstadt (frozen)