After the tide

After the tide - 02

Seaweed on a banister, after a tide.

It happens, twice a day, in Brittany. July 2010. a_

Back in the harbour


Guilvinec is a small fishing village, in Bretagne. It counts two and half thousand souls, and the largest artisanal fishing harbour in France (the third considering the industrial ones), with 130 fishing ships. The village itself has no peculiarity (except for a good microbrewery), but around five o’clock in the afternoon one can see . . . → Read More: Back in the harbour

Paris by night


La ville lumière. Enlightened by the moon, as well as the streetlights, Paris has a great fashion, during the night.

Just watching the street from the hotel room:

Then it’s time to go out, waiting for the night sipping a beer in a bistrot…

And than a short walk by the river, where . . . → Read More: Paris by night

Brittany – Surfers in Penmarc’h (Pointe de la Torche)

pointe de la torche

Another set of images from our trip in Brittany. A quite small beach near Penmarc’h, southwest of Quimper.

A sunny and windy day, with the best waves for surfers…. …And somebody is very interested in.

The Pointe de la Torche is one of the most known sites for surfing in Europe. Of course . . . → Read More: Brittany – Surfers in Penmarc’h (Pointe de la Torche)

A storm approaches – Brittany


One of the many beautiful beaches in Brittany, near Saint-Pabu (Léon, Finistére). Francesca and I parked the car and took a walk, fascinated by the colors.

The sky was cloudy, with a large sunny portions that made the landscape stunning. Only two or three people, a dog and anybody else but us.

When . . . → Read More: A storm approaches – Brittany

Fête des Brodeauses á Pont l’Abbé – Brittany

fête des brodeause

I like to begin this post “from the end”. These following photos are taken during a dance show. They do not describe anything but the feeling in that very day.

The embroidery (in french broderie) is the art of decorating a piece of cloth with stitches sewn onto it (according to . . . → Read More: Fête des Brodeauses á Pont l’Abbé – Brittany

Human being in Mont-Saint-Michel

mont st. michel

In the last Post, I’ve shown the most “ordinary” photos taken in Mont St. Michel. Ordinary, because despite the good weather, and the reasonable number of people during the guided tour, I know there’s nothing more than the million images you can see in Flikr, or wherever else. Here, I’d like to present my photos. . . . → Read More: Human being in Mont-Saint-Michel