“Venezia – On the Water” – Another book


A new book, that gather the photos taken during few days in Venice. My portrayal of a perception.

Venezia – On the water by andrea landi

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Majestic Mærsk (Mærsk Triple E Class) – A giant

Majestic Mærsk

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Huge. The Majestic-Mærsk, a 400m-long container ship on display, docked in Copenhagen for a week since yesterday. The longest ship in activity. The first of twenty, that will enrich the Mærsk fleet in the next years (one year for the first ten).

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Sandwich Tern in Sjælland


I like terns. I like their way of flying, with fast and precise dives into the sea. I found the Sandwich tern somehow more fascinating, with its yellow-tipped black bill. It’s not common, and I saw some of them only a couple of times in the very north Jylland, on the beach near Skagen.

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People at Thorvaldsen Museum

thorvaldsen museet - meetup

As I said many times, I love stealing souls, images of people in their everyday life. Possibly private moments. And a museum, an exhibition or a similar place are perfect places to shoot this kind of photos. Their attention is well far away from the photographer, and the faces, the bodies are relaxed and natural.

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Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen

thorvaldsen museet - meetup

One day at the Thorvaldsen museum in Copenhagen. Bertel Thorvaldsen is one of the most famous danish sculptors, and one of the well known neo-classicist of the XIX century (the only non-catholic who has a statue put in S.Peter church in Rome). I’m not really interested in that style, but statues and reliefs are . . . → Read More: Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen

Colours and geometries


The first time I used my brand-new D800. Ingredients: – A sunny day – Colurs

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