human traces and presences

casa battló

Some times we move around, in a city, supposing to be alone. Often it’s true, but eventually there’re always traces of somebody else. A shadow, a forgotten thing, maybe only a human shape… Or some more concrete, reflected.

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Orvieto – half cloudy


An old panorama, taken five years ago. Orvieto, a beautiful small city in center Italy. Two photos stitched together, taken with an orange filter ahead the lens.

Zoomable panorama – Click to enlarge

Now, I don’t own any more neither the Nikkor AF 105mm f2 DC nor the D2x, but I’ve enjoyed . . . → Read More: Orvieto – half cloudy

Sand Martins in Djursland

sand martin

It was a great-wheater monday, the last of June. It was Francesca’s birthday, too, and she was at home after a whole weekend in lab.

What better than an afternoon laying on a beach in nord Djursland?

We were under the sun, chatting (and nothing more demanding for our brains). And under a sand cliff…

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The popular frescoes made by Elmelunde Master in Møn’s churches

Kelby Kirke (XIII), Frescoes XV (by Elmelunde Master)

Møn island is well known for its marvellous cliffs (the Møns Klint I’ve written about), and for its churches. There’re three churches especially worth of mention, and particularly interesting for me, because of their peculiar frescoes. The churches themselves are nice, built around the XIII century. And perhaps all three were just “nice” for circa . . . → Read More: The popular frescoes made by Elmelunde Master in Møn’s churches

a macro’s gallery – the mushrooms

After the Butterflies, the Macro Gallery Page has a new entry since now!

Møns klint

møns klint

April 2008, two days after my birthday. The first weekend in Danmark, still in a B&B in København.

There was a great weather, so we had a day trip to Møn ø, south-east of Sjælland. Probably, the most important natural attraction in this island are the cliffs on the east coast. Møns Klint, are called, . . . → Read More: Møns klint

new gallery? of course!

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Another new entry… …Another of my recurrent subjects.


And… Don’t forget the other galleries!

For now Geometries and Rusts in “The Galleries“ together this new entry, and two “Thematic categories“: Macro and Human beings (with two categories).

And other are coming. Soon. a_

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