Sand Martins in Djursland

sand martin

It was a great-wheater monday, the last of June. It was Francesca’s birthday, too, and she was at home after a whole weekend in lab.

What better than an afternoon laying on a beach in nord Djursland?

We were under the sun, chatting (and nothing more demanding for our brains). And under a sand cliff…

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Swedish deers

deers in lille koltorp

Last July, during our summer holidays in Sweden. We were in a strange B&B, called Koltorp, near Mariefred (circa 60 Km west of Stockholm). The owner is a weird man: hunter (both with rifle and bow), and taxidermist.

Some of the B&B rooms are in a cottage quite far from the street, near a little . . . → Read More: Swedish deers

woodpeckers in Århus


I’ve seen this nest some days before these photos, following a continuous, acute lation. And there, about twelve meters over, a chick was looking at me.

D700 at 720ISO, 300mm f2.8 AF-I with TC-20E II, f8, 1/800sec, bias 0EV

A Great spotted woodpecker‘s chick.

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kittiwakes on bulbjerg klint


After the landscape from the Bulbjerg cliff’s top, we went down to the beach. Approaching the klint’s bottom, only the colors and the sea.

D700 at 200ISO, 16mm f2.8 AF, f8, 1/1250sec, bias -2/3EV

…And some gulls flying…

D700 at 200ISO, 20mm f2.8 AF, f8, 1/800sec, bias 0EV

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wild birds – 01


And, especially, my new toy the AF-I 300mm f2.8 (with and without the TC-20E II teleconverter). Below you can see some of the first session, made to take confidence with the new lens, bigger and heavier than any other I’ve ever had. All photos are taken with handheld camera, often at full aperture (especially with . . . → Read More: wild birds – 01

birds in Alrø


Finally, spring comes back. I’m waiting for the birds from south, that are coming in these very days (and will come more when stop snowing in central Europe).

This year I haven’t any new bird’s photo, yet, but before winter I discovered a very nice place south of Århus, where I can shoot something good . . . → Read More: birds in Alrø