The “digital darkroom”

From develop to print

Like every photo ever, the digital one has its negative, too.
And like every negative, also the digital negative must be developed.
Develop (and Post Production) is different from “photoretouch”.
In Develop, only what is already registered come to print, no other.
During the develop path, color control and management are needed in every step, to print something that have a sense.
Currrently I don’t shoot in film anymore, and all my photos need a digital production.
But from several years (at least since 2001) all my slides had the same treatment, from scanning to print.

I use daily a single software for the files develop and browsing, plus another for the final pre-printing management until the (home) print.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5

A speed and powerful software to develop the RAW files. Thousands photos are managed in the same time.
The start of the art for developing a RAW.
Every JPG or other bitmap format is managed like a RAW.

Adobe Photoshop CS6

“The” classic software to do all it’s needed until the print or publication. Very difficult to use, but indispensable.

Every PC user know how difficult can be the true color vision and reproduction.
It depends by a good monitor, a good printer but, especially, by a correct calibration and profilation for both devices.
Calibration is the only way to print the colors I want, and the photo I’ve in my mind.

Epson Stylus Pro 3880

A2 (17 inches) printer. Its eight colors (and especially its three grays) are able to print high-level BW photos and color print.
K3 inks are the best for BW and portrait, and photos with soft and bright colors.
Calibrated with Color Munki, and its X-Rite software.

Ilford Galerie

Photo paper Gloss, Pearl and the Gold with baryta surface.

…And my iMac have the responsability to manage and visualize all the images.