Camera bodies

The not so important thing

If with film the bodies are useful only for the right shutter spees and to control the diaphragm, with digital isn’t exactly the same. Now the body is the film, and the results (the photos) are strictly linked to the sensor performances and features.

But also in digital photography the results are product by the photographer (its eye, its brain and its sensibility) and by the lens.

Currently I have three bodies: two digitals and one film, but I use only the two digitals, actually.

Nikon D600

Small and high quality DSLR, flexible and quiet.

Sony A7

For travelling light.

Leica M

Classic rangefinder. Old style camera.


And all the other I used and tried.
And I liked
(and not).

Olympus OM-1n – film
Olympus OM-2n – film (not)
Nikon F80 – film (not)
Nikon F90x – film
Nikon D1x
Nikon D2h (not)
Nikon FM2new – film
Canon EOS 5D
Nikon D70
Nikon F100 – film
Nikon D2x
Nikon D7000
Nikon D700
Fuji X-Pro1
Samsung NX10 (not)
Nikon D800
Fuji X20