…and my equipment

In these pages there’s the “state of the art” of my equipment.
Every time I can, I buy used gear. And if it doesn’t work for me… I can always resell it.

From 1998, when I bought my first Nikon (actually from a pair of years before with the last Olympus), I’ve used dozens of lenses, some bodies and other.
Now I know very well what I need and like, but there’s always a “reason” to try something else, change a lens or doubled another with sometring similar…
…And discover a new lens that I cant’t live without.

With all the gear I’d use, I never changed how I make my photos.
I’ve never used “Program” exposure mode or “Matrix” light reading.
I always prefer to use every newest digital body like an old OM-1, using my brain and my experience to change how the exposimenter suggest me.
No software can replace a photographer.

For the same reasons I like self develop the photos, from the idea until the print, through the shoot, develop and post processing.
Unfortunately, I haven’t any experience in darkroom. The digital era (before digital cameras) offered me the possibility to manage directly the photos.
First with a film scanner for the slides, and now taking photos in RAW format.
So, I can say “It’s all my work”, both for a nice and an horrible photo.


These pages are stilla a draft. I’ve to write other important things.

I haven’t forgotten the steps from shoot to print…..