Madeira – São Vicente Caves

We are not learned in Geology, but spending more than ten days on a volcanic island, where every single rock reminds us the archipelago origin, lead us to visit the widest volcanic caves of Madeira. The caves of São Vicente.
The village itself is pretty nice, close to the north coast at the beginning of the ER101.
Outside the village, the caves have an extension of few kilometers, originally being the tunnels in which the lava flowed 890 millions years ago.
Now one can visit cirka 700 meters of tunnels, in a nice guided visit that last more or less 45 minutes, in the caves.

In some tunnels you can still see the traces of stones moved by the lava. Intriguing.

After the fifty minutes in the tunnel, the visit continues in a completely different scenario, with special effects and a 3D cinema, that teaches the genesis of the archipelago. One feels like a kid…

But the tunnels are very interesting, as you can see here below: