Jardim Botânico da Madeira

Madeira has a very peculiar flora, because of its position and climate.
Despite the relatively high latitude, the flora is typically tropical, plus some native plants.
Close to Funchal there is a very nice botanical garden. It is actually founded in 1960, but in the main building there are some weird things, more old fashioned.
…Like a stuffed cat who welcome you (probably it was very annoying…), together with some other examples of high-level taxidermy and preserved monsters that fill the nice furnitures.

But the garden is an lovely display of flowers, cactus, bushes and trees, all from the Madeira archipelago.

And apparently is also a good place to do treewatching

Actually, there is also a selection of birds on display (mostly parrots) from Madeira and other tropical areas, but I hate the caged birds (or better, i hate the people who put a bird in a cage), so I didn’t take any photos, but one.

Enjoy the gallery below, with my small selection from the garden.
The weird things are on the end, together with a living cat, and the only dull parrot of the bird’s selecion. I think the parrot deserves a photo….