Madeira – West and South coasts

As said, Madeira has no natural beaches.
Large part of the coasts are actually cliffs, and the lack of plans in the most sunny area has meant that every single horizontal field was used.
Some of them are near the coastal line… and some have no road nor trail to approach. Only a lift.

Of course there are also usual fishing villages, like Camara de Lobos.

But probably the most interesting cliffs are on the west, in a sparsely inhabitated area on the island.
Ponta do Pargo is the most western point of Madeira, but I think the higher Cabo Vermelho (429mt.), nearby, is far more fascinating.
The short track to the top of the cliff starts from a little church, called Nossa Senhora de Boa Morte (Our Lady of the Good Death). I can only guess what the cliff is used for…

But in the south there are shores with gravel. Not proper beaches, but sites where one can feel good enough to rest and experience the feeling of staying in front of the ocean.

And below, some other landscapes, and more.