Madeira – The levada walks

Despite its small size, Madeira has two different rain regimes. The inner part and the north coast are rainy, while the south coast and the east are more dry and sunny, and need water for irrigation and drinking.
Between the XVI and the XX century the inhabitants built a large net of aqueducts (more than 2000Km), open channels or large tunnels dug on the steep slopes of the mountains, called Levadas.
Nowaday almost all the levadas are still active, serving as walking path for everyone who wants to have a walk, allowing to reach almost everywhere in the inland and close to the coasts, even through the most steepy and isolated slopes.
Apart from the walks to the peaks, in Madeira almost every other path follows a levada.
Sometimes a very small one, just to point the right direction:

But more often the path is the levada itself, at least for a part of the walk:

Through slopes impossible to pass in other way:

The vegetation in the inland makes you really feeling the tropics.

…The walks make you hungry, and the only way is enjoyng a typical cow meat madeiran style.

This time the gallery is a bit longer, because the levada walks took some days, in different areas of the island.
But it’s worth to be seen.