Madeira – The laurel forest

When the portuguese officially landed in Madeira in 1418 (but the archipelago was already mentioned before), the island was almost completely covered by a sub-tropical forest, that gave the name to the island (Madeira means wood in portuguese).
Straight, the settlers showed their cleverness and respect by putting on fire the whole land (and beside, releasing rabbits in a nearby island, no longer being able to live on it for some dozen of years).
The legend tells that the fire went on for seven years. True or not, nowaday there are only few areas on Madeira where the original laurel forest still exists, under the protection of UNESCO from 1999.

We eneded up in a laurel forest one day… by chance, actually.
We had just finished a walk on a levada path, but it was still early enough to have another walk.
The choiche dropped on a small pond, inside the laurel forest.
The weather was a little foggy but the walk was over our expectation, because the trees contributed a lot to let us feel in a sort of magic place.

The twisted laurel trees are something really peculiar, and we spent good time just watching the shapes.

And as usual, here below all the pictures.