Madeira – Pico Ruivo (1862mt. above the ocean)

Madiera is a tropical island, despite its latitude.
Francesca and I went there for holyday in July, 2012.
With these assumptions, why the hell one morning at 10.30 Francesca’s glasses looked like this?

We were at the beginning of the track to Madeira’s highest peak, Pico Ruivo (1862mt above the ocean), and the weather was inclement.
Ten degrees (according to the car’s thermomenter), fog. And a little wind, too.
The path was more close to a highway, actually, so we began the walk in these conditions.

…And with this eyesight:

Also the pines were crying because of the weather…

But approaching the peak, the clouds slowly disappeared.

And at 1800mt. above the ocean we were also above the clouds, with a spectacular landscape below us.

We really enjoyed the walk, and such a high place (compared to the flatland where we live)…
Please browse the gallery below, to enjoy the landscapes as well.
That day we also met other people (but less than expected in a well-known mountain hike like this, actually), some of whom probably didn’t expect such a weather…

The last two pictures are taken some days later on the second highest peak in Madeira, the Pico Areeiro (1818mt.), but we weren’t as lucky as in Pico Ruivo: the fog never raised…