Mountains and landscapes in Madeira inland

Madeira is not an island for beach lovers.
It has no sandy beaches, and all the shores are either rocky or… cliffs.

But the mountains are extremely beautiful.
The peculiar vulcanic genesis makes the island rise very steeply and the landscape closer to the Alps than to the Canary Islands, for instance.
Driving one hour away from Funchal, one can reach 1600 to 1862 mt. high peaks… and still see the ocean into the distance.

Or one can feel like enjoying the Pyrenees, rather than the Massif Central in france.

It’s incredible how the landscape can change in such a small island, and the clouds help a lot to increase the loveliness.

But one of the most weird feeling is the tropical vegetation, completely unexpected in such a lanscape and height for who is use to the mountains in europe.

And in thegallery below you can enjoy other landscapes, we walked in during our holyday.