Funchal – The only city

The only real settlement in Madeira, where more than one third of the islanders live.

Landing by plane, it’s not difficult at all to find the highway from the airport to the city… It lays just below the landing strip…

Funchal is a nice village, nicer than expected, with few vestiges of the colonial past (although Madeira has never been a colony), and some charming areas.

Sometime you can see villagers playing cards in a very traditional way (two or four people play cards, and some dozens watch the player and discuss on them).

…or something reminds the past, when Funchal was a fishing village:

But nowaday Funchal is a modern, touristic city, with the artists neighbourhood where painters can decorate the building’s walls and the doors.

Well, they can often paint decorations on the doors…

But unfortunetly tourists are way too much, and the skyline of Funchal is full of modern hotels and swimming pools.

But the city has many interesting sights, so please browse the gallery below to enjoy them (and the photos above in full size):