India – Samode

Another small village near Jaipur. Another one-day trip on a rented car (with driver, of course).

We expected a nice center, well preserved and out of the usual touristic itineraries.
We found it, actually, but we found especially the Samode Palace, quite unexpectedly.
Nowadays, it is a five-plus stars hotel with high room’s prices also for the european standars.

It lays on top of the village, after a walk in the main street, surrounded by old and magnificent houses. Now quite decadents, but full of charme.

But the palace itself, is “more” than expected….
There’s a mandatory guided tour (perhaps to avoid the tourists mix with the guests), with a very high ticket price (but the ticket is kind of voucher for taking a drink or lunch in the hotel’s bar).
The palace was built in the XVI century, but the ambiance now feels more like a XIX century colonial palace.

The exteriors are very impressive…

…But inside…
Inside worths every single Rupee we paid for entering the palace.

And a wood surrounds the hotel, hiding it from every intrusive gaze.

Here below, a selection of rooms and details…