February 2011 – India

The pretext was a wedding, in Mumbai.
The outcome was a trip mainly in the north of India, visiting three cities (Delhi, Jaipur and Agra) and their surroundings. And Mumbai, of course.

I went to India with quite poor expectations about monuments and sights (I don’t like the cities, in general), but with an strong curiosity about the people.
I know, indians are like us, with two arms, two legs and all this kind of things….
But they’re a lot, and they come from an history and traditions far from the european’s, the only I know.
And I was right, the people was the best part of our trip.
Watch the men, and the infrequent women, took quite a bit of our days, as well as trying things (dishes, drink, habits…). And often it was the best part.

But also the sights are really worth to be seen with attention, better after a little training about the history of that area, to understand the importance of the things.

Below, the links to the different galleries, grouped by area.
I’m not starting with the people (they arrive later), because people deserve more care… and some posts instead of “only” a page each.

First city, Jaipur, and the smaller cities near it (Amber, Pushkar, Samode).
Not the first stage, we went in Delhi and Mumbai before, but probably the nicest, in my opinion.

A Random Image Jaipur (from above) – Panorama and details
A Random Image Jaipur – Hawa Mahal (Wind Palace), the women’s jail
A Random Image Jaipur – City Palace
A Random Image Jaipur – Jantar Mantar, astronomy and astrology together
A Random Image Amber Fort – Summer house and defense
A Random Image Amber Fort – Panorama
A Random Image Pushkar – Lake’s Panorama
A Random Image Pushkar – The (holy) Lake
A Random Image Samode – Old maraja’s palace, now a five-star hotel