– The Galleries –

The true engine of this site.
Here is the place where are collected the photos that I love more than others.
These Galleries are so for feeling, empaty or simple treat. Perhaps they’ll have different location.
I’s already happened.

Every image, here, has an explanation and some their own history to tell
For whom is courious, it isn’t hidden (and I’ll explain some)

I’m working to rebuild the link page.

The first three Galleries I added, didn’t exsist in the old site (but some images are already in other gals).

A Random Image Partials
A Random Image Geometries
A Random Image Rusts

Probably very few photos were in any old one, so this gallerie could be the starting point to comment and have a talk.

Exceptionally, only for few days, I keep the link to the old gallerie’s page.