Barri Gòtic and other quarters

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Barcelona has one (almost) old district, like many of the european towns.
It’s called “Barri Gòtic” (The Gotic Quarter), but it isn’t only “gotic”.
Of course, it has a lot of late-medieval buildings, mostly surrounding the Cathedral.

And I never get tired, of enjoying the figures and the gargoyles on that buildings.

But, maybe surprisingly, the Barri Gòtic’s mayor street end in one of the newest thing in the city.
The Port Vell, the “Old Harbour” (completely renewed at the beginning of the nineties).

But, probably, the most unknown site we saw in the center of Barcelona was the Consell dei Cent (The “Council of the hundred“), the hall where the government of Catalunya has its reunions.
Almost ignored by many tourist guides, the hall is one amusing example of civil gothic building.

But this Page is not only about the Barri Gòtic, but in the Gallery there’s also something else. Pictures taken walking in the town.