Easter 2010 – Barcelona


We went there around Easter, for a five-days trip to enjoy a big, warm city.
Barcelona is a strange town, with an old, medieval district surrounded by a large area totally reconstructed in the late 19th century.
We walked a lot, like in every other big city, through old streets, and enjoing the modernista’s buildings.

It was hard for me to choose and organize the photos I’ve made, because the subject are less recognizable than for other trips before.
It was quite hard to recognize the real catalans between the meltin’ pot of types and cultures we met there.
Too many people look like coming from abroad (meaning outside Catalunya), and too many people were there, visiting and enjoing the city, like we did.
For this and other reasons, perhaps we only grazed the very identity of Barcelona, but more than elsewere we could pretend to act like natives.
Ok, the last is a far exaggeration, but it’s real we mixed with others people living there, all coming from elsewhere, leaving something to the city.


And it sounds not strange, the people I shot are mostly visitors, tourists, not finding any “typical native”.
But, as well, no one who looked misplaced in Barcelona.
Weird town, really.


I’ve made three galleries.
The first trying to describe the modernista’s buildings, especially Casa Battlló.
The second is called Barri Gotic, but actually includes something else (the olympic harbour, for exemple).
The last are the people… mostly tourists and visitors of the exhibitions (Miró is the most important).

Unlike other times, I’m not completely satisfied by the galleries.
Not for the photos themselves (I think they are at least as nice as other times), but for how they look together in the galleries.
They look more like “many single photos” than actual galleries, with maybe the exception of the people, precisely for how they look all strangers.

A Random Image Barcelona modernísta (The modernism in Barcelona)
A Random Image The Barri Gotic, and other quarters
A Random Image People in Barcelona

And, of course, the first post about Barcelona….

A Random Image Children in Barcelona