who am I?

The “andrea photographer” was born when I was very young (about eight), when I started looking the world though an old Zeiss Ikon Contina’s viewfinder.
The Olympus came after years, and I was accompanied by her until the photography started to be my primary hobby.

Since 1998, stop parts of the world around me on a film (first, now only on a file) is one of my two important hobbies. My couriosity raises every day and I’m on evolution with my technics.

I’ve chosen photography and not, for example, painter, only for my inability in drawing. My handling is the same as a drunk snail’s…

But photography makes me able to satisfy all that I need:
infantile selfishness
the need for complete control
fetishism (the thing)

I find all these things during the creation of a photo.
From idea to print….

A path that starts with the equipment’s choiche (fetishism).
That prosecutes during the time spent looking at the top, or the ground, noticing a particular, and maybe not the context, or vice-versa (curiosity).
Choosing the best framing, ignoring the exposimeter’s advice, mounting the right lens (control).
And when I come back home, download the files, develop them with one of my apples…
… until the home made print, often renouncing the quality of a professional laboratory.
But I can say “This is all by myself!” (here’s the infantile selfishness).

The photography is all of that, for me.
All, from idea to print.

And the days spent waiting for a new lens, during the time spent to clean my equipment after a rainstorm.

Every time I think about that, I realize that almost all my experiences pass through the viewfinder of my Nikon.
This is the reason for buying all my gear in second hand market, maybe.
My lenses and me do a lot of road and a lot of experiences together.
A new one (lens, flash…) doesn’t have the necessary experience, the skills needed to bear of that.
It wouldn’t resist. Maybe.

And this is all, for now.
Let’s see the results of my ideas….