Sweden – Summer 2009

Near the end of June.
The longest days, here in the North, and the brightest nights.
Where could we go?
Simple: let’s go more north!

In Sweden, for the first time both for me and Francesca.
Not too far from Danmark, where we live, but with completely different landscapes (as expected)… and people (and this was not so expected).

The northest point we saw was Uppsala, and Stockholm was the only othe city we have seen in this trip.
So, a pair of weeks driving and walking in the southern swedish’s regions.

Between Vättern and Vänern lakes, in the first days, before moving to the fjord west of Stockholm, to enjoy the woods and the little villages.
And we spent the last days in Öland, the narrow island in the Baltic see. A flat, peculiar area, with few trees and nice colors.

Below, the links to the different galleries:

A Random Image The journey
A Random Image Göta kanal
A Random Image The Västra Götland Län, between Vänern and Vättern lakes
A Random Image Around the Vättern sö
A Random Image Söde Manland Län, the Stockholm fjord and islands
A Random Image Uppsala
A Random Image Stockholm, the Gamla Stan and the city
A Random Image Stockholm – Skansen, Vasa and Östasiatiska museums
A Random Image Söder Mandland Län – Sigurd runestone and other sights
A Random Image Väst Mandland Län – goth and ghost
A Random Image Stockholm Län – countryside, fjord and royal manoir
A Random Image Kalmar Län – old fashioned places, til south
A Random Image Öland – a flat island, surrounded by nature