Easter 2009 – some days in London

During the last Easter holydays, Francesca and I went to London, for few days.
According to the weird aeroportual rules, that don’t allow me to bring anything else over the normal hand baggage for the photographic equpment, I carried with me nothing more the strictily necessary to take some photos….
With a deep breath of Francesca, and with a high satisfaction by me.
A satisfaction so high, that fundamentally I carried the same gear during the summer hoidays, but I’ll talk about in another page.

The only thing, that I’m a little disappointed about, was the choiche of the 17-35 zoom instead the couple of 20+28mm lenses.
Teorically, the conditions suggested the zoom. With a bad weather, alongside the fix points of view imposed in a town, all suggest to live home the fix focals, and carry a single zoom lens.

I did, but the consequence is been to shoot more than expected with 50 and 105mm, using the zoom only for take “documents” of the urban landscape.

I’l never do that, in the future, because the 17-35 zoom is too big and too heavy to be used with enough satisfaction between the waving people in the London’s streets.
Much better to have only little, fix focals.

Maybe for this choise, maybe (or probably) for the kind of tour we did, I’ve taken few photos of the city, few photos of the museums and artistic sights.
And more, than I usually do, of the people that live, work and visit London.

I’ve already written a couple of post (London’s soul and London’s People posts) about the people, and here I only going to put the same photos (all in a same gallery), without any further comment.

A Random Image The Soul of London
A Random Image …And the People, who live in London

I should be glad to add another theme to the third post (London’s Users): the Visitors.
Eleven further photos, put on the gallerie’s beginning, in which there isn’t any desire to “use” what London offers, but only to rest, play and chat.
London is no longer featured, because every town should be lived so.
These photos should be taken in Paris, Milan, Barcelona or Berlin. In which city they are taken, isn’t important ant more.

A Random Image The visitors of a big city
A Random Image And the London’s users

The last page is “a classic page”: The British Museum.
As I said, this was the only museum we’ve seen, apart from the Tate exshibitions, and it is not my intention to describe it here.
There’s only a summary of some sights, some glances over witness of the past.
With any order, and noting else than reproductions.

A Random Image A more classical gallery: the Btitish Museum of London

That’s all, enjoy.