On top of ARoS – Your Rainbow Panorama

Some three weeks ago, Fra and I spent a long weekend in Århus for meeting our friends, after many monthes since the last trip.
We had almost all Monday free before the ferry back to Sjælland, and we decided to visit ARoS, the Museum of Modern Art in Århus.
Eventually, since we never went while living in town…

During the last year or so before moving to Sjælland, we saw a colorful ring growing on top of the building: Your Rainbow Panorama, designed by Ólafur Eliasson and realized in 2011.

It’s a ring made of coloured glass, with different tints, from which one can have a good look over Århus from above.
Normally there is a direct access into the ring coming from the museum, but since there were some renovation works we had the opportunity to have a look over the city also outside the ring.

While inside, the world changes and becames monochromatic, the colour changing every fifteen meters or so.

Our eyes enjoyed the sights, but I was really surprised when I found all the colours also in the photos, as the camera was able to record everything, perhaps more than the eyes themselves.

This is the same photo… differently developed.

How I want it looked:

What I saw:

I had fun developing the images, part of which are as I recall while I got home, and for others I enjoyed to choose a different way…
There are some in the Gallery below, and some others in my Portfolio Gallery.
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