“The New Copenhagen” – a book I made

Amager, Ørestad, Fisketorvet, Sømærk, Sydhavnen, Dybbølsbro, Holmen…
Copenhagen is evolving. Fast.
Former factories are abandoned for relatively short time, and then replaced with new, modern and sometimes futuristic buildings. Construction sites are a constant in the city landscape, these days.
And since it’s a rather small city, all these areas are close to the Indre by (the city centre).
Even downtown, new walking paths are growing from the water.
The skyline harbours historic buildings and modern ones, but in some of the places named above it is entirely new.
The circa forty images in this book are taken in the last two years, documenting the current state. Still in evolution.

I made a photo book.
A thin one, without captions or any other word but a paragraph at the end.
Some forty photos, having Copenhagen as subject (and especially its new neighborhoods and renovations).

You can browse the whole book at THIS ADDRESS.

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