Sandwich Tern in Sjælland

I like terns. I like their way of flying, with fast and precise dives into the sea.
I found the Sandwich tern somehow more fascinating, with its yellow-tipped black bill.
It’s not common, and I saw some of them only a couple of times in the very north Jylland, on the beach near Skagen.

So, I was almost shocked when I found three or four of them on a beach here in Sjælland, close to Copenhagen, some ten days ago. A male was offering a small fish to the female.
Of course I was wandering around with no tele lens, and only my small compact camera.

Few days later I returned in the same place with a better equipment, and strangely enough not only the terns were still there, but I found a whole colony nesting together with some gulls.
The weather was so-so, but I had time to follow the birds flying back and forth to the sea.

And some others busy washing themself on a rock by the coast, some twenty meters away.

Another week later I found another colony near Køge, just south from where we live.
They were diving just before me.

Some other photos:

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