Graffiti in Enghave Brygge

Few weeks ago, I went out to take some photos with others, and we ended in a former industrial area here in Copenhagen (now waiting for new buildings as a living quartier).
It’s completely in ruins, and the survived walls are covered in graffiti, some of which still in progress.
I took some photos with my (now ex-) Fuji X-Pro1, being orphan of any DSLR at that time.

Strangely enough (for my habits), I developed these photos in a sharp and colorful way, pushing the tones and the contrasts, to reach the way I saw them on the first instance.
Probably the sunny and warm weather (one of the first after the long winter) helped me to see the works this way.

Some of the artists were working, a photographic set was in progression (but they stopped after few minutes), and our group was about twenty people.
Here some other photos of that day:

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