People at Thorvaldsen Museum

As I said many times, I love stealing souls, images of people in their everyday life. Possibly private moments.
And a museum, an exhibition or a similar place are perfect places to shoot this kind of photos.
Their attention is well far away from the photographer, and the faces, the bodies are relaxed and natural.

That’s why a couple of weeks ago, at the Thorvaldsen Museum here in Copenhagen, I didn’t take only these photos of statues and reliefs.
I took people’s souls, too.

The circumstances were almost ideal: rather good weather, many people were drawing the works, some other visited the museum and we were a dozen of photographers strolling around the rooms.
…And everybody was lost in its own thoughts.
A careless sparse crowd.

And I was one between the others, and nobody cared of me not even while I stood before them…

Take a look below, at all the images:

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