Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen

One day at the Thorvaldsen museum in Copenhagen.
Bertel Thorvaldsen is one of the most famous danish sculptors, and one of the well known neo-classicist of the XIX century (the only non-catholic who has a statue put in S.Peter church in Rome).
I’m not really interested in that style, but statues and reliefs are a challenging subject.
A good lens, and a little luck with the weather, offers a chance for a nice shot, and the majesty of some handworks help a lot in others (despite Berthel looks a little misogynist here).

But taking this kind of images is never easy. Some time it takes good time to persuade the most shy subjects to be photographed…
…But it doesn’t work every time.

Now take a look to the gallery here below, to enjoy some neo-classicist handoworks.
And watch also this other post, with more human beings.

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