“Sculpture by the sea” – art in Århus (2011 edition)

After two years, the Summer 2011 carried in Århus the “Sculpture by the Sea“, a rather big open-air exhibition of modern art on the strand south of the city centre.
And like two years before, I went and took some photos (HERE the post from 2009).

Many handworks were well blended in the landscape, creating some new scenarios and leading the visitors to stare the whole panorama as part of the opera.

But this edition appeared rather different to me, compared to the previous. There were many other works that were not well embedded in the landscape, and stayed quite alone, separated from the sourroundings.
This doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate the works, on the contrary I liked it at least the same as last edition.

…And some visitors looked enjoying the installations almost as me (probably more).

Here a little selection of the days I visited the exhibition:

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