Sunrise in Møns Klint

The 23. march 2012 was a neat and dry night, and I went again in Møns Klint, circa 130Km south of Copenhagen.
Møn’s cliffs are oriented to East, so the first sunlight paints the white chalk in red and orange.
That day, the sunrise was scheduled at 6.04 (CET time).

I drove in the night, and parked the car past the stairs down to the sea about forty minutes before the sunrise, right on time to go down with the twilight.

h 5.40, dawn:

h 6.03 (two minutes before sunrise):

h 6.07 (one and half minute after sunup):

After ten minutes, at 6.15, daylight:

The point of view is not the same, because I was moving north under the cliffs taking some other photos, but the effect is precisely the same I saw.

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