Madeira – The old road ER101, on the north coast

Nowadays, Madeira has a very good road system, modern and well maintained (except the slant of the roads, even the highways….), but almost all the most important ones have only few years.
In particular, the new road that link São Vicente to Porto Moniz, in the north coast, was finished in 2006. Until then, the old road was more like a mountain track, even in the parts on the ocean. Few meters on the ocean.

I shiver if I think that till few years ago the ER101 (Estrada Regional 101) was the only way to reach some small villages… even with bad weather.

Today, the ER101 is still accessible for most of the way, but some stretches are collapsed.

More or less at half way to Porto Moniz, the small village of Seixal deserves a mention. It lays a bit out of the road, and there’s basically no tourists there.
It’s just a charming place to stop and have a rest.

And then further, to Porto Moniz and its “natural swimming pools” on the reef.

The road ER101 is quite long and very interesting, and it takes almost the whole day to be traveled.
But watching the gallery below is much easyer.

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