Madeira – Mercado dos Lavradores in Funchal

One of the most interesting thing in Funchal is the “Workers Market” (Mercado dos Lavradores in portuguese).
It’s a builnding in Art Deco style, from the 1930s, with a lot of fish, vegetables and flowers shops in three distinct areas.
The market is very popular in the morning, filled by tourists who just wander around, and locals who bargain the prices.

For me, the fish area is the most interesting, with all the fishes from the Atlantic Ocean on display (and very low-priced)…
Fresh fishes, and dry ones.

And the very typical “Espadas” (Black Scabbardfishes), cleaned to be ready for lunch.

The vegetables market is nice too, vith a lot of fruits from the very island, and the same noisy and colorful crowd.

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