Jaipur – Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory

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We have an Ikea watch, payed few Kroner (less than an Euro), that run a little fast. A whole minute every week, or more.
In Jaipur, there’s a watch that marks precisely every second second… since 280 years.
It’s called Jantar Mantar, and probably Maharaja Jai Singh II payed more than us, to build it….

In Jantar Mantar there’re some sundials, and more than twenty other instruments to misure the time, the sun and stars’ position and other astronomic stuffs.

For people who are completely ignorant about astronomy (like me), there’s a guided tour, with a vivid explanation about all the instruments. And for people who are not interested at all in astrology, the tour risks to be quite unpleasant, too.
The guy was very simpathetic, and I feel he avoided to explain too much about the astrological part of that things. Yes, because in the XVIII century there was a high level of mingling between astronomy and astrology.
And the mingling’s came til now…..

But… the pictorial results are not so bad.

And yet, in the gallery:

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