Jaipur from above (Panorama and some details)

Jaipur. From above.
We were at the beginning of the climb to Nahagarh Fort (that we haven’t seen), just above the city.
The place was right for a landscape, embracing the whole city, and the weather was perfect. Little humidity and good visibility.
I took these four photos, combined in a pano image.

This is the result… with a straight horizon:

But these poit was also perfect for spying closely what happened on the rooftops.
Women (finally!) busy in daily occupation, chatting and resting under the good weather.

…And just landscape, a geometrical building’s pattern.

The three “stolen” photos posted above are the reason for not rendering the same image for the zoom-in version.
Blending the photos in that way, I’d lose the area where these subjects were…
While blending the photos in another way, I’ve kept that area. Of course, with a bent horizon, that doesn’t look as natural as the other.

Enjoy the zoomable version, here below.

All the other photos are inside this panorama.

Zoomable panorama - Click to enlarge

And yet, another detail, from the left of the pano:

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