India – Amber Fort (Panorama)

Amber fort.
Close to Jaipur, approchable with a Tuk Tuk (the three-wheeled “taxi”, common in every indian city).
Perhaps, one of the most beautiful landscapes we saw during the holyday.
It lays on an hill’s edge, over an artificial basin (during the fort’s gold times, there was the smell of the saffron cultivated in the little garden in the middle of the lake).

Coming from Jaipur, after the last bend that climbs on the hill… the landscape is something like this:

This image is made as the blending four photos, taken from the street, circa one kilometer before the fort’s entrance.

I think the site is worth the trip…..

Here, the zoomable version (click on the image), to enjoy every small detail:

Zoomable panorama - Click to enlarge

From below, the Fort looks like… well defended.
A good place for goats.

Instead, the other side of the valley faces the plan.

HERE, the other photos, in a gallery.

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