India – Pushkar (Rajastan)

As told in THIS POST, one of the places we’ve seen in India was Pushkar (Rajastan).
Of course the Lake was one of the most beautiful places for taking photos, and of course I did there my best shoots of that place, photographically speaking.

Both “urban landscapes”…

….and my preferred subjects: people.

The rest of the city, after all, is really less interesting, but few details.

Pushkar claims to be one of the most holy places in India, with a lot of temples (and the only Brahma temple in India), many pilgrims… and many tourists.
Maybe it should be because of my agnosticism, perhaps because of the distant way to feel the supernatural from the western way, probably because of the priests who ask for money (no matter which religion they profess….).
Maybe for all these reasons together, in Pushkar I felt like everybody act on a sort of stage, built and maintained on purpose for tourists, indian as well as foreigners.

One of the few things that looked extremely natural to my eyes were the people who washed themselves in the lake.
I don’t know if it was for ritual purposes or mere daily life, but it looked so cozy that I did’t take any photo of that.
It was a private moment for them, and I hadn’t any right to violate that kind of privacy, although they were in a very public place.

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