The trip in India – Pushkar Lake panorama

Three weeks in India, and “only” few photos more than one thousand.
Human being, mostly, and of course some postcards of the sights.

If my main interest during this trip was the people, we’ve seen also a lot of nice places, descripted in some more normal ways.

I’d like starting to show the trip in India with one of the more classic destinations: Pushkar.
We’ve seen this village during a one-day excursion from Jaipur, where we’re based.

The photo in this post is the result of four shoots of the Pushkar Lake, blended in Photoshop and made available for the web.

We found a great weather that day, and the colors were wonderful.
Unfortunatly, we also found one of the more touristic places we’ve seen in our trip (or better, we visited Pushkar in a very touristic way), but the lake was really beautiful.

The photo above was only a sample…. Here below, there’s the possibility to dive and enjoy every single detail.

Zoomable panorama - Click to enlarge

(Browse the panorama in every direction with the arrows in your keyboard, and zoom til the finer detail)

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