Children in Barcelona

A cloudy day during our last trip, in Barcelona.
Plaça de Sant Felip Neri, near the cathedal, in the Barri Gotic (the medieval nuke of the city).

A group of children play, run and shout in the old, fashionable place. Maybe they were pupils from the near school.

Normally, I don’t like take photos of children (actually, I don’t like children at all), but in that very moment, with the low contrast from the diffuse light, the scene was very involving.

And I stole some photos.
All in less than two minutes, from different points of view, and without any change in my gear.
All the photos I’ve taken are shown here.

These first two are my preferred, but I recommend to enjoy the pictures from the gallery below, one after another.



…And the children didn’t notice me, kept on playing.

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