On top of ARoS – Your Rainbow Panorama

aros - rainbow panorama

Some three weeks ago, Fra and I spent a long weekend in Århus for meeting our friends, after many monthes since the last trip. We had almost all Monday free before the ferry back to Sjælland, and we decided to visit ARoS, the Museum of Modern Art in Århus. Eventually, since we never went while . . . → Read More: On top of ARoS – Your Rainbow Panorama

Graffiti in Enghave Brygge

graffiti in Enghave Brygge

Few weeks ago, I went out to take some photos with others, and we ended in a former industrial area here in Copenhagen (now waiting for new buildings as a living quartier). It’s completely in ruins, and the survived walls are covered in graffiti, some of which still in progress. I took some photos . . . → Read More: Graffiti in Enghave Brygge

After the tide

After the tide - 02

Seaweed on a banister, after a tide.

It happens, twice a day, in Brittany. July 2010. a_

Colours and geometries


The first time I used my brand-new D800. Ingredients: – A sunny day – Colurs

. . . → Read More: Colours and geometries

“Sculpture by the sea” – art in Århus (2011 edition)

sculpture by the sea 2011

After two years, the Summer 2011 carried in Århus the “Sculpture by the Sea“, a rather big open-air exhibition of modern art on the strand south of the city centre. And like two years before, I went and took some photos (HERE the post from 2009).

Many handworks were well blended in the landscape, creating . . . → Read More: “Sculpture by the sea” – art in Århus (2011 edition)

Burned and rusted


A burned car, in a relatively hidden parking lot. Maybe parked there after a robbery, one thief helping the wounded one to a further car, another moving the sacks full of cash and the driver spreading gasoline on the stolen car. A match, and they run away. The police patrol arrives too late, together with . . . → Read More: Burned and rusted

“Sculpture by the sea” – art in Århus

D700 at 200ISO, 180mm f2.8, f5.6, 1/2000sec, bias 0EV

Every June, or so, Århus’ beach wear an artistic dress, showing some works from around the world. An half-sunny day is a good moment to take some photos… between a shower and another…

I’m not an expert about modern art, and actually I don’t follow modern art at all. So, my photographic’s selection has the . . . → Read More: “Sculpture by the sea” – art in Århus