Orvieto – half cloudy


An old panorama, taken five years ago. Orvieto, a beautiful small city in center Italy. Two photos stitched together, taken with an orange filter ahead the lens.

Zoomable panorama – Click to enlarge

Now, I don’t own any more neither the Nikkor AF 105mm f2 DC nor the D2x, but I’ve enjoyed . . . → Read More: Orvieto – half cloudy

Jaipur from above (Panorama and some details)


Jaipur. From above. We were at the beginning of the climb to Nahagarh Fort (that we haven’t seen), just above the city. The place was right for a landscape, embracing the whole city, and the weather was perfect. Little humidity and good visibility. I took these four photos, combined in a pano image.

This is . . . → Read More: Jaipur from above (Panorama and some details)

India – Amber Fort (Panorama)

amber fort (XVI)

Amber fort. Close to Jaipur, approchable with a Tuk Tuk (the three-wheeled “taxi”, common in every indian city). Perhaps, one of the most beautiful landscapes we saw during the holyday. It lays on an hill’s edge, over an artificial basin (during the fort’s gold times, there was the smell of the saffron cultivated in the . . . → Read More: India – Amber Fort (Panorama)

The trip in India – Pushkar Lake panorama


Three weeks in India, and “only” few photos more than one thousand. Human being, mostly, and of course some postcards of the sights.

If my main interest during this trip was the people, we’ve seen also a lot of nice places, descripted in some more normal ways.

I’d like starting to show the trip in . . . → Read More: The trip in India – Pushkar Lake panorama