Madeira – The Levada walks

Levada do Norte

Despite its small size, Madeira has two different rain regimes. The inner part and the north coast are rainy, while the south coast and the east are more dry and sunny, and need water for irrigation and drinking. Between the XVI and the XX century the inhabitants built a large net of aqueducts (more than . . . → Read More: Madeira – The Levada walks

Fête des Brodeauses á Pont l’Abbé – Brittany

fête des brodeause

I like to begin this post “from the end”. These following photos are taken during a dance show. They do not describe anything but the feeling in that very day.

The embroidery (in french broderie) is the art of decorating a piece of cloth with stitches sewn onto it (according to . . . → Read More: Fête des Brodeauses á Pont l’Abbé – Brittany

Hamburg – the Speicherstadt (frozen)


I’ve a little interest in Industrial archæology, and of course I was fascinated discovering the Speicherstadt (the warehouse district), part of the Port of Hamburg. Built at the end of XIX century as a free zone, the Speicherstadt is the largest timber-pile founded warehouse district of the world.

And in a very cold . . . → Read More: Hamburg – the Speicherstadt (frozen)

Old trains in Mariager – Veterantoget’s 40years jubilæum

veterantoget - 40 Œår jubilæum (1970-2010)

Mariager is a little village north of Århus, on the Mariegerfjord. There, some people has a weird hobby. Maybe they’re too old for playing with toys… But they’ve never noticed.

Well… The point is, they play with some of the larger toys you can imagine. Trains. Steam, diesel and electric old locomotives, with their passenger . . . → Read More: Old trains in Mariager – Veterantoget’s 40years jubilæum

Mønsted kalkgruber


Last September, at the beginning of the bad weather weekends (actually, it isn’t finished yet), the only choice to have a walk was going underground. In the actual sense of the word…

We went to Mønsted (few kilometers east of Viborg), where there’e some old limestone mines, active til thirty years ago. With about four . . . → Read More: Mønsted kalkgruber

old watches


Last sunday in Århus’ “Den gamle by” (the old town). Watches’ mechanisms, from 19th century.

D700 at 1600ISO, 50mm f1.4, f2.8, 1/60sec, bias -1 1/3EV

D700 at 1600ISO, 60mm f2.8 Micro, f4, 1/40sec, bias -1EV

. . . → Read More: old watches