Footbridges inauguration in Copenhagen


Today was the inauguration day for Transgravsbro and the Proviantbro, after a long waiting. They link Papirøen (where lays the Copenhagen Street Food) to the rest of the area, namely Christianshavn and the path to Operaen. For the most important one (the link to Nyhavn and downtown Copenhagen), we have to wait three other months.

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On top of ARoS – Your Rainbow Panorama

aros - rainbow panorama

Some three weeks ago, Fra and I spent a long weekend in Århus for meeting our friends, after many monthes since the last trip. We had almost all Monday free before the ferry back to Sjælland, and we decided to visit ARoS, the Museum of Modern Art in Århus. Eventually, since we never went while . . . → Read More: On top of ARoS – Your Rainbow Panorama

Back in the harbour


Guilvinec is a small fishing village, in Bretagne. It counts two and half thousand souls, and the largest artisanal fishing harbour in France (the third considering the industrial ones), with 130 fishing ships. The village itself has no peculiarity (except for a good microbrewery), but around five o’clock in the afternoon one can see . . . → Read More: Back in the harbour

Madeira – Mercado dos Lavradores in Funchal

Mercado dos Lavradores

One of the most interesting thing in Funchal is the “Workers Market” (Mercado dos Lavradores in portuguese). It’s a builnding in Art Deco style, from the 1930s, with a lot of fish, vegetables and flowers shops in three distinct areas. The market is very popular in the morning, filled by tourists who just wander around, . . . → Read More: Madeira – Mercado dos Lavradores in Funchal

human traces and presences

casa battló

Some times we move around, in a city, supposing to be alone. Often it’s true, but eventually there’re always traces of somebody else. A shadow, a forgotten thing, maybe only a human shape… Or some more concrete, reflected.

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People, an indian mosque

jama masjid (XVII)

During our trip in India, we visited mainly muslim sites, despite the high majority of induist who live in the country. Few mosques, actually, (there called masjid, in hindu) more some tombs and mausoleums.

But the mosques are interesting, from the photographer’s point of view, because are aggregation centers, more than mere places of worship. . . . → Read More: People, an indian mosque

Agra – The Yamuna river

agra fort (XVI)

Agra. Probably the most famous indian city, but really few people recognize the name. In Agra lays the Taj Mahal… on the banks of the Yamuna river.

And precisely the river is the subject, here. Half empty, the flow is near still for several months a year, polluted (Agra is downstream from Delhi….), the Yamuna . . . → Read More: Agra – The Yamuna river